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Pin Dark - CM13/CM12 Theme

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*ONLY FOR THE NEW THEME ENGINE*About:Pin Dark is a new theme following dark background and vibrant color palette. Pin Dark's preference is to catch user's eye with beautiful pink color in contrast with extremely dark grey! Icons are usually themed and redesigned to very minimalistic design theory, including extremely thin lines and on the other hand bigger aspects. It is pixel perfect made theme with fully themed Framework, redesigned Status bar/Nav bar icons along with lockscreen/settings/contacts/etc. icons.
It does work on custom CM13 / 12 ROMs with Theme Engine support, compatible with 5.x and 6.x android.
Pin Dark contains: *Check screenshots*× Status bar icons (WiFi, Data, Bluetooth, Alarm...)× Navigation bar softkeys× Themed dialogs× Themed Seekbars× Fully themed framework (Volume rockers, Buttons, Popups, Thumbs etc.)× Instagram× Black Facebook Messenger× Settings (custom icons)× Quicksettings (SystemUI)× Google keyboard (AOSP included aswell)(Black and White versions)× Theme chooser× Dialer (Fully themed, CallUI included, custom icons)× Contacts× Keyguard (Icons, wallpaper)× Gallery× Calendar× Calculator× AudioFX× Deskclock× Google Plus× Messaging (MMS)× Google Playstore× Google Chrome× Google Keep× Youtube× DocumentsUI× Snapchat× DirtyUnicorns Apps× Setup Wizard× Google Clock
InstructionsDownload and apply through theme manager.Do not forget to select "Material Dark" theme at your Google or AOSP keyboard settings.Enjoy your theme.
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Feel free to report bugs or share suggestions! Follow me on Google+!